nbn™ Fixed Wireless - Plans and Prices

Critical Information Summary
Up to 12 Mbps Download / Up to 1 Mbps Upload

Basic online tasks eg email, browsing, online banking, social networking.

Plan Code Data Allowance Price
NW12-100 100 GB $49.95
$0.00049c / MB
NW12-500 500 GB $54.95
$0.00011c/ MB
NW12-UL Unlimited $59.95



Up to 25 Mbps Download / Up to 5 Mbps Upload

Browsing, online banking, shopping, social networking, video streaming & online games.  Most users who have ADSL2+ would experience a bump in performance as most ADSL customers experience only about a quarter of this speed in real-word use.

Plan Code Data Allowance Price
NW25-100 100 GB $54.95
$0.00053c / MB
NW25-500 500 GB $59.95
$0.00012c / MB
NW25-UL Unlimited $69.95



Up to 60 Mbps Download / Up to 10 Mbps Upload*

High speed Internet for real time streaming.

Plan Code Data Allowance Price
NW60-100 100 GB $64.95
$0.00063c / MB
NW60-500 500 GB $69.95
$0.00017c / MB
NW60-UL Unlimited $79.95

*Maximum speed of the 60 Mbps Download / 10 Mbps Upload plans are determined by your fixed wireless signal strength and the congestion level of your local fixed wireless tower.

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