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Ideal for Emergency Services, Disaster Recovery, Mining, Construction, Government and Defence.


Working in Remote Areas

Geologists doing seismic studies, Mining sites, Road gangs, Cattle mustering, Surveyors and anybody who needs to keep in touch with head office and send important data while still in the field. It’s just like have a mobile office whether you are in a remote outback cattle station, on the road somewhere in the “Top End” or a mining camp out of Kalgoorlie


Health & Safety

Work and travel in remote areas with great safety. With an ANT Portable Satellite Broadband system you can quickly be connected to the internet and send an email or make a phone call for assistance. A greater peace of mind for your staff’s safety.


Staff Retention

Just keep in touch with loved ones while away for weeks at a time is an important factor in retaining staff



Does all the hard work of alignment for you with the push of a button.